Redressal Officer-GRC – Chennai


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Productivity Daily Productivity of Pre-defined target of the month on final responses (closed cases) Productivity target “not met” to be NIL on all the days TAT Final / interim responses to be sent within TAT of 24 hours for all complaints Initiation TAT Ensure that all cases are initiated within 4 hours from assignment Response TAT Ensure that all cases are drafted within 24 hours from resolution revert from the concerned team.
NFCR cases For special category TAT cases involving external dependencies interim to be sent in 24 hours of assignment and final as per special TAT Ensure updates are shared with the respective offices on the case closure / status thereof without reminders.
TAT adherence for CAD / Exception approvals – Approval mails for monetary / non-monetary deviations / negation stance approval mails to be raised on Day 0 /1 Quality Resolution Quality for complete, correct and apt resolution to be provided for queries raised by the customer Response Quality score for spelling, grammar, punctuation, phrasing, format and presentation of response Compliance to internal processes/guidelines /security requirements on responses like card # masking process, negative stance approval process, clause usage etc.
Average overall quality score to be > 98% Repeat of cases owing to incorrect/incomplete resolution to be NIL Whereever possible, root cause to be analysed and process improvement to be raised with SD, PPS Process Adherence The individual officers queue on any day to be maintained < 50 cases Nil filing misses/exceptions External Exceptions to be maintained @ NIL Internal Exceptions to be maintained @ < 3%.
NIL bounces.

Credit card product and process knowledge


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